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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Ashwell Lodge No: 7903

The concept of an Ashwell Lodge was born in the minds of three brethren of the village of Ashwell at a time of great masonic surge in north Hertfordshire. The lodge was consecrated on 2nd May 1963 to serve an area north of the mother lodge, the Baldock Lodge of Harmony, which at that time had grown too large.


Ashwell takes its name from a local spot known as 'the springs', the source of the river Rhee and the inspiration for the lodge crest, which was designed by the first senior warden and embroidered by the wife of the first junior warden. The design of the crest symbolically includes three sheaves of cut grain in a field beside a river. The Lodge Motto 'E Fontibus Vires', alludes to the springs and when translated means 'From the Springs cometh Strength'.


The Ashwell Lodge banner was presented and dedicated at a meeting held on 8th June 1967.  

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