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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Kingswood Lodge No: 2278

Seven London masons, together with two each from Yorkshire and Lancashire, and one from Somerset, having associations with a City of London firm, Tapling and Co,   became desirous of extending their masonry to the summer season and the county. With the support of Hertford Lodge No. 403 as the sponsoring Lodge, they petitioned for and obtained a warrant to found the Lodge, and as the head of the firm lived in a house named 'Kingswood', the Lodge was given that name. It was consecrated at Elstree by the RW Bro T F Halsey MP on 4th February, 1889.


The central emblem of the banner depicts a rampant lion within a garter and on a five pointed star.  The motto  ‘Res Non Verba’ means ‘Deeds not words’. The banner was dedicated on 7th June, 2014.

The emblem and motto is thought to originate from that of Tapling and Co, it is also noted that many coats of arms connected with the name Kingswood include a rampant lion.  Any definite information appears to have been lost in time. The banner is in quite poor condition but is still proudly exhibited at every meeting.

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