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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Old Fullerian Lodge No: 4698

The lodge was consecrated on 29th May 1925. The name of the lodge is derived from Dame Elizabeth Fuller who, in 1704, founded the Watford Endowed Schools to provide a proper education for the children of poor families. The Old Boys Association was inaugurated in 1894 and adopted the title Old Fullerians Association. In the early 1920's, a number of old boys who were freemasons petitioned Grand Lodge to form a lodge primarily to enable old boys and masters of the school to join in masonic fellowship.


The first master was W. Bro C E Taylor and his Breast Jewel is today presented on installation nights to the IPM to wear during the year. The crest of the lodge on the banner is of two shields, adopted from the school badge. The two shields are those of the Chilcot and Platt families, Chilcot being Dame Fuller’s maiden name.  The motto is “Sperate Parate” – meaning “Hope and Be Prepared”.

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