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Stanboroughs Lodge No: 9523

Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

The lodge is named after Stanboroughs House which is in Hoddesdon High Street within the Borough of Broxbourne, where the lodge was conceived in 1991, by friends who regularly met there in the former Conservative Club clubhouse. It was consecrated at Halsey Hall Cheshunt on 31st January 1994, by W Bro. F R Mecklenburgh PSGD, Assistant Provincial Grand Master


The Lodge crest is a representation of the front elevation of Stanboroughs House. The motto 'Patience and Industry Will Entitle' is well known to master masons reflecting the time and effort required in producing something worthwhile such as the founding of a new lodge. The badger (top centre) is the emblem of the Borough of Broxbourne.  The banner was dedicated 29th September 1999.


The Banner was funded by donations over some time by the Brethren of the Lodge and was made by Toye, Kenning and Spencer. It is 36" x 54" in size and took over 20 weeks to manufacture and complete. It is a combination of embroidery and appliqued work on a base of Sky faille with the fine detail actually hand painted on. The Banner itself is quite heavy.

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