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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Welwyn Viaduct Lodge No: 9555

The Lodge of Instruction of the Westminsterian Lodge No. 3344 was held in the Village Hall in Woolmer Green, although the Lodge met in London, because many of the officers lived and worked in Hertfordshire. The working was Taylors and although rare in Hertfordshire, brethren from Hertfordshire Lodges began to attend. The village Hall closed in 1991 and the garage at "Sandyhurst", the private house of one of the brethren, was pressed into service. It was there that on 6th January 1994, a meeting of prospective founders took place which decided to try and form a new Taylors' working Hertfordshire Lodge.


The London to Edinburgh railway line passes close to "Sandyhurst" over the famous Welwyn Viaduct at Digswell, with its catenarian arch construction - hence the name and crest of the Lodge. The lodge was consecrated by the Provincial Grand Master RW Bro Michael B. Jones at the Cloisters, Letchworth on 12th October 1994. 


The lodge does not have a banner. 



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