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Allied Masonic Degrees in


Allied Masonic Degrees

The Order is open to Brethren of any faith, who have previously taken both the Mark and Royal Arch Degrees. Many of the ‘additional’ degrees worked in England in the early part of the nineteenth century originally came under the patronage of warrants granted by the ‘Antients’, who held that Craft Warrants entitled Lodges to work any Masonic degree to which they had knowledge and members available who could work it. Upon the formation of the United Grand Lodge in December 1813, various groups of degrees were gradually organised into separate Orders each with their own governing body.


Towards the end of the 19th century a large number of unrelated Degrees of no direct interest to any Grand Body were still being worked in different parts of the country.  It was agreed by the then Grand Secretaries of the Craft, Mark, and Ancient and Accepted Rite to establish a ‘Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees in England and Wales and the Colonies and Dependencies of the British Crown’. THE Headquarters is at Mark Masons’ Hall.

It was also agreed that no new body purporting to be a Masonic body could be legally established in England without the consent of the Governing Bodies of the Knights Templar, the Ancient and Accepted Rite, the Mark Masters, the Red Cross of Constantine, the Royal and Select Masters, and the new Grand Council. 

It was also agreed that any new body established with such consent should be under the direction of the Grand Council. Thus was born the Grand Council of the Allied Masonic Degrees of England and Wales and Districts, and Councils Overseas.


Although in earlier times other degrees had been included, (before they established themselves as Sovereign bodies in England & Wales, notably the Knight Templar Priest series, and the Order of the Secret Monitor);  the 5 very interesting and historic degrees presently worked in a Council of Allied Masonic Degrees are listed on the web-site here


The District does not currently have a banner, but now that a new council has been consecrated one is being considered.

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