Order of Women Freemasons

Order of Women Freemasons

The Order of Women Freemasons is the oldest and largest Masonic organisation for women in this country and works on the lines of regular male Freemasonry.


One of the Past Grand Masters was MW Bro Marion Halsey, from the very famous Halsey family of Hertfordshire where one of the male members was Deputy Grand Master of the craft and Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire, whilst  other members were also Provincial Grand Masters of Hertfordshire. 


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Lodge Albanus No: 68

Lodge Albanus No: 68 was Consecrated in June 1954, and meets at St Albans Masonic Centre in Ashwell House, The Banner was dedicated in June 1958, having been funded from Lodge funds.


The banner consists of a depiction of the Abbey of St Albans in the centre underneath the lodge name and number, with a mosaic pavement to the lower part of the banner upon which are a square and compass. On the left of the banner on a blue background is a shield showing the cross of St Alban and to the right an image of St Alban.

The rosette and ribbon which is attached to the right hand side of the rod from which the banner hangs is an acknowledgement of the contributions made by the Lodge over a number of years to the Doris Jones Memorial Fund and has been attached to the banner for convenience.

Byculla Lodge No: 259

This Lodge meets in the Masonic centre at Ashwell House, St Albans and in general terms the banner follows the design of many of those listed under the Craft. It shows a square pavement, to the left and right of which are the terrestrial and celestial globes, and upon the floor are the masonic symbols of the square and compasses, the level and the plumb rule.


The central part of the banner shows rolling grassland with two trees and a seated fox in the foreground, underneath the motto of "Nil Desperandum" or "Do not despair".

It should be noted that UGLE has recently issued a ruling that where Ladies meet at a normal masonic centre, no Freemasons should be in the same building unless they are staff employed by the centre.