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The Halsey family - Senior Masons from Hertfordshire

From the previous page where the various standards as used by the Province of Hertfordshire were illustrated the reader will have noticed a very famous masonic family name not only within Hertfordshire but also throughout England - that of the Halsey family. The family name is synonymous with Hertfordshire as many family members achieved the highest rank available within the province that of Provincial Grand Master. 

A history of the Province can be found at the Provincial web-site located at: . This site also lists the Provincial Grand Masters that have held that office in Hertfordshire since 1797. With probably the most famous of these being the Rt Hon Sir Thomas Frederick Halsey Bart who was to become Deputy Grand Master. See photo Right.


Other members of the Halsey family who have become Provincial Grand Masters are shown below. 

Rt Hon Sir Thomas Frederick Halsey Bart

Top:                Rt Hon Sir Thomas Frederick  Halsey, Bart, PC

Middle Left:    Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey, GCMG, GCVO,                                  KCIE, CBADC                                                    Middle Right:  Reverend Canon Frederick Halsey

Bottom:           Guy Marsden Halsey

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