Use of the Chronicle


This page contains a Chronicle of Masonic events from around 1600 to the present day. There is little History of Hertfordshire before the 19th century and so some important milestones in Freemasonry have been included before that date. 


It contains the major mile-stones associated with the formation of the first Grand Lodge in 1717, and some items from before that date, up to the present day. The early dates do not contain great detail as much is not available or even  incomplete, beyond that which is published here. From the appointment of the first Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire in 1797 the record begins to be more complete.  

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The Provincial Museum staff hope that you find this of use, and whilst we have striven to ensure all dates and data are accurate, please let us know of any additions or inaccuracies by use of the "Contact Us" page  which can be found under the "More" menu item above.

It is our intention to keep this Chronicle updated and not only add entries from beyond the present date, but also significant historical data as it becomes known.