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Banners of The Holy Royal Arch Chapters

in Hertfordshire

Bengeo Chapter No: 6801

The chapter was consecrated on 31st March 1955.


The banner was dedicated at the 50th anniversary on 19th February 2005 having been made by the Peterborough Masonic Centre and designed by W.Bro. Barrie Church and taken from the original lodge emblem designed by W.Bro. W. Cook. The banner shows "Belingehon", the name in the Domesday book of 1086 for Bengeo and the river Beane near Hertford, which with the river Rib, feeds the river Lea. Also shown is St Leonards Church in old Bengeo which was built in the 12th Century and claims to be the oldest church in the Hertford area.


The chapter was erased 12th November 2014. 



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