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Banners of Knights Templar in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Provincial Priory
New KT Banner.jpg

The original banner which has now been retired is depicted left. The central banner emblem is a Hart on a pale blue background, all of which is placed on the red KT Cross. 

A new provincial banner on the right above was commissioned and dedicated on the 28th June 2018 having been made and commissioned through te Provincial Office. 


The Provincial meeting was extended in order to dedicate the New Provincial Banner, which was done by the Most Eminent and Supreme Grand Master, assisted by a retinue of Great Officers. The Grand Master processed in with his dedicating team, and took the chair.  An Escort was formed, and the New Banner was processed in with much pomp and precision. 

The Supreme Grand Master gave an address, and the New Banner was unveiled and paraded. The Banner was then advanced and dedicated. The Provincial Prior formally received The Banner, which was then saluted, and placed beside the altar. 


The Banner is richly ornate and displays the elements of Hertfordshire, Malta and Christianity within the cross-pattée, on a white ground, that forms the background. The banner will accompany the Provincial Prior during his visits to Hertfordshire Preceptories. 

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