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Banners of Knights Templar in Hertfordshire (Continued)

MacLeod Preceptory No: 463

Consecration of this Preceptory was on 23rd September, 1975. The Preceptory is named after Clan MacLeod of Harris and Dunvegan as the then Provincial Prior, the VE Kt TW Norman KCT was a member of that clan. His personal banner included the arms of the Clan Macleod and after receiving approval from the clan chieftain Dame Flora MacLeod it was adopted for use by the Preceptory.


The banner shows the Hart of Hertfordshire and the bulls head of the Clan Macleod.  It appears that the banner was originally the personal banner of the Provincial Prior T.Norman and became the property of the Preceptory on his retirement. Unusually the banner does not bear the name and number of the Preceptory, just the emblem.

The banner also shows the words "Hold Fast" which is the motto of Clan MacLeod. 

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