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Rose Croix in Hertfordshire

Oliver Cockrem Chapter No: 180


Rose Croix Chapters, certainly in Hertfordshire, do not normally have Banners, but Oliver Cockrem Chapter is an exception. The Banner is therefore classed as ‘Chapter Decoration’ 


The banner depicts the arms of the Rev. Dr. Oliver Carter Cockrem, M.A., LL.D. (1887-1915) who was headmaster of Reeds school in Watford which was formerly known as the London Orphan Asylum School until changing its name to that of its founder Dr Andrew Reed, following a suggestion from the then Prince of Wales (later Edward VIII).



Every RCC Conclave has 2 banners - one (the Labarum standard) is a simple purple background with the "chi-ro" Greek letters in red. This is placed behind the Viceroy or Eusebius who sits in the Craft Senior Warden's position when any Conclave is opened and only moves to the East when a new Viceroy is consecrated. The other banner - the Standard of Constantine - is placed over the VSL in the centre of the Conclave and moved to and from behind the Sovereigns chair when the Conclave is opened or closed. Each of these is the same pattern with a central cross surmounted with a crown over a double headed eagle and has the Greek capitals of alpha and omega either side at the foot of the cross. in the centre of the cross or occasionally at the end of each arm are the letters "I H S V" and there are 4 stars on each arm. The name and number of the Conclave is on a scroll/ribbon either above or below the cross.


These banners are stored with the other furnishings for a Red Cross of Constantine Conclave at the Masonic Centres where they meet:


                The Rose Walk Conclave No. 389 at Radlett

                Hertfordshire Conclave No. 421 at Royston

                Walnut Tree Conclave No. 440 at Cheshunt

                Nicholas Breakespeare Conclave No. 459 at Watford

and          The Conclave of Albanus No. 497 at Ashwell House.


In addition to individual conclave banners, there is also a Hertfordshire Divisional Banner (similar in design to the Constantine Standard but with "Division of Hertfordshire" in place of a Conclave name & number) which accompanies R.Ill.Kt. Brian Muir on every official visit and is placed behind his seat in the East (to the right of the Most Puissant Sovereign). The Divisional Banner bearer for the year looks after this banner at his home. Currently this is W.Kt. Chris De La Sel who lives in Codicote.


The individual Conclaves take it in turns to be "The Banner Conclave" at the Annual Divisional Meeting (held annually on the 4th Saturday in February, usually at Ashwell House) at which both the Conclave and Divisional Banners are displayed.


Since the Constantine Banners are specified in the Statutes of the Order and only vary in the scrolling, one photograph of the design should be enough for your records.


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