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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Welwyn Lodge No: 3227

Hatfield lodge No. 3190, founded in 1906, became the  mother lodge of both Welwyn in 1907 and Sprig of Acacia in 1908, a young mother indeed! There were nineteen founder members of Welwyn Lodge, of whom nine were from the mother lodge. The lodge was consecrated on 14th June 1907. For sentimental reasons they may have wished to provide a link between mother and daughter, hence the name of the neighbouring village of Welwyn.


The banner was dedicated 26th February 1977. As no retirement of a banner is mentioned, it is assumed this was the first banner. The banner was presented to the lodge by W.Bro A.H.Williams MBE, the 54th Master who died 19th April 1975. Thus it was dedicated after his death. The lodge crest in the centre of the banner is of St Mary’s Church Welwyn, which was adopted with permission of the church authorities.

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