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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Berkhampstead Lodge No: 504

Three banners are apparently in existence, although the whereabouts of the first remains uncertain. The first was used between 1864 and 1888 and was a hand painted banner which we know had once been framed and cased. The original spelling of the town was Berkhamstead [note without the “p”.] Despite much searching, this framed first banner has not yet been located. The second banner was in use from 1888-1988 and was not dedicated but simply ‘presented’. It was donated by Bro. Cheese. 
The current banner was dedicated on 19th November 1988. The two later banners show the arms of the town and the correct name of the lodge in a wreath similar to a grand officers apron badge and above an open VSL with square and compasses. All three banners show the town’s coat of arms showing a castle with a surround of golden orbs which indicates the castle once formed part of the Duchy of Cornwall. The spelling of the town’s name has changed many times and it is assumed that the spelling of the town on the first banner could have been after a former version of the name or maybe even an error.
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