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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Salisbury Union Lodge No: 767

Union lodge was consecrated on 24th June 1859 in Karachi and transferred from the District of Pakistan to the Province of Hertfordshire in January, 1978. The first Union Lodge banner was presented in 1913 by the wives of the members. It was quite dissimilar to the new banner.  


The current Union banner was dedicated 26th October 1996, the dedication brochure stating that the old banner was retired but its whereabouts is unknown.  

It shows an all-seeing eye above a square and compasses in a circle, set above a squared pavement and a pair of clasped hands all framed by two columns.A new banner was dedicated in Salisbury Lodge 3228 on 11th June 2007 at their centenary meeting. There is no record of a previous banner. The banner depicts a masters pedestal, chair, candle, column and VSL between two columns and a portico.


Since the amalgamation of the two lodges on 28th January 2012,  the lodge has chosen to retain both  banners and to display them at each meeting.

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