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Banners of The Holy Royal Arch Chapters

in Hertfordshire

Cranbourne Chapter No: 1580

The chapter was consecrated on 17th October, 1923 at Mark Masons Hall, Great Queen St, by Sir Frederick Halsey Bart, 2nd Grand Principal and Grand Superintendent of Hertfordshire. The banner was made in 1973 by the wife of the Scribe E Comp E.W.T. Whinnett.


The Crest and name of the Chapter are believed to be that of one of the family names of the Marquess of Salisbury of Hatfield House, although there is a similarity to the arms depicted on the Cecil Lodge Craft banner. The banner was dedicated on 17th October 1973 at the 50th anniversary meeting by the Most Excellent Grand Superintendent E Comp Rev F.J. Finch.



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