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Banners of The Holy Royal Arch Chapters

in Hertfordshire

Lea Valley Chapter No: 4827
The Lea Valley Chapter was consecrated on Tuesday 24th February, 1948 by the Second Provincial Grand Principal E Comp Rev Canon Frederick Halsey. A banner was commissioned for the 50th anniversary of the Chapter which was made in India. At the banner dedication meeting the three longest serving past first Principals occupied the chairs. 

The banner is based on a design by E.Comp Ron Hart LGCR, PPGSN (Suffolk) of Authors Chapter No.3456.  The centre of the banner is from the Craft Lodge banner which depicts the River Lea flowing between tree lined banks and under a spanning bridge. The Motto ‘Constantia Inter Mutationes’ was translated by the founders as ‘Endurance under Stress’  but Canon Bradley in his oration said the correct interpretation was ‘Constancy amid Change’.


The crest is surrounded by the interlaced triangles or Seal of Solomon contained within a circle an emblem of eternity placed on a white square representing the altar of incensetop.  The banner was dedicated at the Jubilee meeting of 24th February 1998.

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