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Banners of The Holy Royal Arch Chapters

in Hertfordshire

Letchworth Garden City Chapter No: 5109

The chapter was consecrated on 24th May, 1945. 


The banner was designed by KJ Fox and dedicated on 20th September 2003. The central emblem represents one of the cottages built in Letchworth in 1905 for the “cheap cottages” exhibition, predominantly in an area between Icknield Way and the railway. The wording on the arch “Fiat lux” means “Let there be light”.


The interlaced triangle known as the Hexagram or seal of Solomon is one of the symbols of Royal Arch Masonry, whilst the square and compasses is a sign of wisdom, truth and justice. The sword and trowel commemorate the valour of those worthy men who assisted with the building of the second temple in Jerusalem.

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