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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Cranbourne Lodge No: 1580

Cranboume Lodge was sponsored by Hertford Lodge No. 403 and was the tenth lodge in the Province of Hertfordshire. It was consecrated in 1876 at the Red Lion, Hatfield by W Bro Dr. F.H Wilson-Iles, Provincial Grand Secretary on 29th March 1876.
The first banner was presented in 1913 by Bro.W.Clarke but no record appears of any dedication.This original banner was replaced by a new banner in 1976 at the centenary, which was made by the wife of the secretary.  
The crest and name of the lodge are believed to be that of one of the family names of the Marquis of Salisbury of Hatfield House although there is a similarity to the arms depicted on the Cecil Lodge banner, there are some slight differences. The old banner is framed and hung on a wall. Although both bear the same coat of arms, the two banners are very dissimilar. Both banners contain the Latin motto “Sero Sed Serio” meaning “Late but in earnest” which was the motto of Robert Cecil, 1st Earl of Salisbury. The current banner, was presented by W.Bros W.H.G Jefferey and W.T.Whinnett.
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