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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Samson Lodge No: 1668

The lodge was consecrated on 18th April, 1877 with the first banner being presented in 1913 by the wives of the members.  In the lodge archive file is an unclear photo copy of this banner but is unsuitable for reproduction in this document.  It is quite dissimilar to the new banner.  


The current banner was dedicated on 18th April 1977 by W.Bro Dr IS Gold at the lodge's centenary and depicts Samson destroying the temple columns above the motto ‘Trusting in Thy Strength’.

Being previously a London Lodge, one had hoped the original banner would have been in the Great Queen Street archives. However, further research has proven to be inconclusive as to the whereabouts of this banner, and we can only assume that it has been disposed of, or placed in an archive store.

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