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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Dyrham Park Lodge No: 8906

The idea of forming a Dyrham Park Lodge came at an installation meeting of a member of Dyrham Park Golf and Country Club in 1978, when six of the guests, surprised to see each other there, who were members of the golf club, decided to explore the possibility of forming a lodge, which could meet at the club and combine freemasonry with golf. After much hard work by the sponsors, the club committee gave its consent, the Province approved the facilities and the Lodge was formed. The lodge was duly consecrated on 24th October 1979.


Dyrham Park Lodge took its name from the club which is in Dyrham Park House and which was built in Elizabethan times and rebuilt after a fire in 1803. The crest on the banner is of the original entrance gateways which were installed in the late 17th century and which were used to welcome the entry of the monarch into the City of London. The motto is 'Endeavour with Honour' suggested by W.Bro Sydney Massin which is a logical combination of Freemasonry and Golf. The banner was dedicated in October, 1986.

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