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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

East Herts Border Lodge No: 6641
Amongst business men evacuated from London in 1939, to villages on the Herts and Essex borders, were members of London lodges. They were able to maintain their masonic interest by visiting the local lodges. With the end of the War, they decided to form a lodge in the locality from their members. Accordingly a new lodge was consecrated on 10th May 1948 that resulted in Taylors Working being introduced to the area. Food rationing was a big problem at the time and it seems appropriate that the first Initiate was the local food officer. 
The banner presented by W.Bro.FA Nicholson was dedicated 16th October 1953. The banner emblem and lodge badge is quite unusual and the lodge history does not tell us who designed it or why.  It is a simple square as on a masters apron placed over the square and compasses.  In the centre is a representation of the initials EHB (East Herts Border) with a torch flame above.  The motto reads ‘Caritas Fraternitas Veritas’ - Charity, Brotherhood, Truth. The banner unfortunately has a substantial water stain and a new banner has been commissioned with a likely dedication date in 2023. The new banner is an exact replica of the old one.
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