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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Eleanor Cross Lodge No: 7033

Three past masters, realised that with Freemasonry  growing as life returned to normal after the War, there was a need for a new Lodge at Halsey Hall, Cheshunt. They found twelve others of a like mind and petitioned for the Lodge to to be formed. It was named after the Eleanor Cross which stands in Waltham Cross, a short distance from Halsey Hall. The lodge was consecrated on 2nd October 1950.


The Eleanor crosses were a series of twelve lavishly decorated stone monuments topped with tall crosses of which three survive nearly intact in a line down part of the east of England. King Edward I had the crosses erected between 1291 and 1294 in memory of his wife Eleanor of Castile, marking the nightly resting-places along the route taken when her body was transported to London. 

The original banner was presented by Bro Claude Weeden and dedicated 8th July 1952.  This has been framed and stored. The second banner was presented by W.Bro.Peter Frost and dedicated at the 50th Anniversary on 2nd October 2000. Both banners depict the Eleanor Cross, they are slightly different as in order to comply with current guidelines from Grand Lodge, the surrounding Compasses have been omitted on the new banner. 

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