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Banners of Royal Ark Mariner Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Gladsmuir Lodge No: 367

The lodge was consecrated on 7th December 1894. Early in 1994, the Scribe W. Bro Brian Thompson, drew a rough design “On the cover of a cheque book”. This was approved by the PGM.


The banner was not only designed but also embroidered by W. Bro Thompson in “needle-point” where it took some 160,000 stitches. It was dedicated at the Centenary on 31st October 1994. This banner is unusual in that the Mark Master Mason's lodge to which this RAM lodge is "moored" does not have a banner. 


The centenary banner has a number of symbols on it, the central part consists of a golden triangle inside of which is a depiction of Noah's Ark with a Dove  flying  overhead,  underneath  a rainbow.   At the base of the banner

there are three symbols, the Hertfordshire Provincial crest of a Hart, the crest of Gladsmuir Lodge which consists of crossed-battle axes depicting the battle of Barnet in 14th april, 1471, and a small picture of the building of the ark showing the Saw, Maul and Auger and a partially completed Ark in the background. 

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