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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Gladsmuir Lodge No: 1385
The Gladsmuir Lodge takes its name from Gladsmuir Heath where the Battle of Barnet, just to the north of London, was fought on 14th April, 1471. The lodge was consecrated in the year of the 400th anniversary of the battle on 29th December 1871. 
The Battle of Barnet was a decisive engagement in the Wars of the Roses and was influential in securing the throne for Edward IV. Barnet was then a small town north of London, Edward led the House of York in a fight against the House of Lancaster, which backed Henry VI for the throne. Historians regard the battle as one of the most important clashes in the Wars of the Roses, since it brought about a decisive turn in the fortunes of the two houses. Edward's victory was followed by fourteen years of Yorkist rule over England.
The lodge banner shows a battle axe and spear in saltire on a shield and was adopted as a representation of the historical battle. Within the lodge archive file maintained by the museum is a small padded silk copy of the banner. There is no information as regards a dedication date for the banner.
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