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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Grove Park Lodge No: 2732

There seems to be no lodge record of a sponsoring Lodge. According to 'Landmarks', a compilation of lodge events from 1899 to 1949, published as part of the celebration of its Jubilee, the petitioners presented their petition direct to the RW Provincial Grand Master, Sir Thomas Frederick Halsey, who subsequently carried out the ceremony of consecration at The Hall, Bushey on 11th February, 1899. The twelve founders were among a number of masons who previously had regularly attended St. John Lodge of Instruction at Harlesden in North London.


The arms, and motto of the lodge are those of the Mercer family and permission for their use was given by W Bro Thomas James Mercer, AGPurs, PPGSuptWks, a founder and the first master of the lodge in 1899. The lodge takes its name from the house and estate of Bro Mercer, and is especially proud of the high Masonic achievement attained by W Bro Herbert George Teagle, who was Initiated in this Lodge in 1902, and was installed as Grand Master of New Zealand (N.Z. Constitution) in 1942. The motto ’Tempus Omnia Revelat’ means ‘Time reveals all’. The original banner was made in 1909 [now stored] and faithfully copied in 2011. 

Neither the original or copy was dedicated, but at the centenary, the original was ‘blessed’ by the Provincial Grand Chaplain. The two banners listing the Worshipful Master’s are similar in design, the first from 1899 to 1963 and the second from 1964 to date.  

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