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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

St Albans Lodge No: 2786

The Lodge was consecrated at The Red Lion Hotel, St. Albans by the RW Bro Thomas Halsey MP. As stated in 'The Freemason' 9th December 1899, the motive of the founders was to start a firm determination to do good masonic work, especially in charity. The abbey of St. Alban is distinguished among all its companions as being the one upon which the first labours of an organised craft were employed. In the story of St. Alban, he is credited with being the first to introduce the art of freemasonry into England. He was martyred in 304 AD. King Offa in the 8th century established a religious order and built the abbey. He brought masons from the continent to design and carry out the work.

The first master of the lodge was Bro Charles Offord Burgess, who presented the original banner to the lodge.  It was displayed at the consecration on 29th November 1899.  The second banner was made by W.Bro. AL Cherry and presented at the Jubillee meeting and Dedicated 17th November 1949.  Both of these banners are framed and hung on the wall at Ashwell House, St.Albans. .The third and current banner was made by Mrs Julie Mead, wife of W.Bro.Peter Mead who was master at the time of its dedication on 18th March 1982.


All three Banners are very similar and the central crest incorporates the Abbey and Cathedral Church of St Alban with the mitre and shield of the city.  The lengthy motto on the three Banners is ‘Quas Dederis Solus Semper Habebis Opes’ – “It is what you give that you will keep as eternal riches”.

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