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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Halsey Hall Lodge No: 4752

In 1925 a number of men from various trades and industries, got together to form the lodge. Its main aim was to build a masonic home in east Hertfordshire. The lodge was consecrated 23rd September 1925 and with the help of other lodges, Halsey Hall Co (Waltham Cross) was formed in 1926, and the Walnut Tree House, Cheshunt, was bought for £3,150 to be the new home of freemasonry in this part of the county.  Thus Halsey Hall Lodge, did its part in promoting the worthy idea of having 'a home of its own'. The lodge donated the WM chair and bought the original  eighty-five dining room chairs for £55.


A new banner was dedicated on 22nd February 1995. The banner is made up of masonic emblems that include the square and compasses, within which is a small representation of the face of Sir Thomas F.Halsey in the centre. Below this is the squared pavement with a Hart superimposed in the centre.

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