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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Theobalds Lodge No: 4726
Founded by members of the Charles Edward Keyser Lodge, Theobalds Lodge was consecrated at the Rye House, Hoddeson on 28th July, 1925.  The lodge takes its name from 'Theobalds', a medieval petit manor whose  estates included large tracts of Cheshunt, immediately adjacent to Enfield Wash where many of the Founders lived or had their places of business.
A banner was presented by Bro.Phillip Broomhead on 10th November 1948.  The banner  was made by Mrs Broomhead and was said to be of outstanding workmanship.  The banner was subsequently dedicated January 1949.  

The central theme of the banner crest is thought to depict the Royal Palace of Theobalds, a Volume of the Sacred Law, a squared pavement and a square and compasses over a scroll with the Latin inscription , “Deo Favente” meaning “With Gods favour”.

This lodge has now been closed but the banner continues in use by the Theobalds Chapter No: 4726, from October 2017.

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