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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Harpenden Lodge No: 4314

In 1920, Halsey Lodge No. 1479 and St. Albans Lodge No. 2786 called a joint meeting to which Brethren living in the Harpenden area were invited to consider forming a new Lodge in the area. The Harpenden Brethren were so enthusiastic that they took the initiative and with the blessing of the two St. Albans Lodges, the Harpenden Lodge was formed. The Lodge was consecrated on 30th September 1921 at The Town Hall St. Albans by RW Bro Rt. Hon Sir Frederick Halsey, Bart, Provincial Grand Master, under the sponsorship of Halsey Lodge No. 1479.

The popularity of the new Lodge was such that to cope with the number of applicants, there were occasions when three ceremonies were conducted in one meeting with two candidates at each ceremony, and once, four candidates were passed (by Dispensation). The original banner was presented by Bro. WC Sneath in 1926 and is now held by the lodge. The second Banner was dedicated 23rd October, 1951. 


A new banner has been designed and commissioned it is anticipated that this will be dedicated at the centenary in 2021. All three designs are simple and depict the Hertfordshire Hart standing in water, together with a number of ears of corn in the background. 

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