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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Edmonton with Chandos Lodge No: 4339

The original Edmonton Lodge was founded in 1780, and had a chequered career and was erased in 1851. In 1921, a number of Edmonton business men met and agreed to petition Grand Lodge for a Warrant. There is no record of a Sponsoring Lodge but of the twenty eight founders, there were a number from Cheshunt Lodge No. 2921, one of whom purchased and presented the Lodge with eighty-two £1 Shares in Halsey Masonic Hall, Cheshunt.

The Edmonton lodge was consecrated on 31st January 1922, and amalgamated with Chandos Lodge on 12th September, 2007. The Edmonton lodge was a London lodge until January 1988, when it took up its shareholding and moved to Cheshunt as a Hertfordshire Lodge, to form Edmonton with Chandos Lodge 4339.


Edmonton Lodge had its first banner presented 20th February 1924 by W.Bro HJ Ranson the first treasurer and was dedicated by Rev.RC Evill PProvGChaplain who was the vicar of Edmonton.  This banner became very fragile and W.Bro N.Saint designed and commissioned a new banner dedicated on 22nd May 2006. The old banner is framed and protected at Cheshunt.  Just over a year later the Lodge merged with Chandos Lodge 8870. The new banner was then altered to reflect the change of name and the Chandos emblem added.


The Edmonton Lodge crest depicts the famous John Gilpin on his return journey on a ride from London to Ware and back with his poor wife waiting for him to join her at the Bell Public House in Edmonton to celebrate their wedding anniversary.  Gilpin apparently re-passed the Bell without stopping.  The poem depicting the journey and the Bell have come to play an integral part of the history of Edmonton.


The Chandos logo (bottom centre of the banner) depicts the Sun at its meridian a rough ashlar and a plumb rule together with a Junior Wardens column. All of these emblems represent South which when combined with the presence of a Gate leads to “Southgate” where the lodge has many connections. The name Chandos also alludes to Southgate by its association with the Duke of Buckingham and Chandos who married the daughter of the owner of Minchenden House in Southgate. The Chandos Lodge did not have a banner of its own.

The amalgamated Lodge closed on 20th December 2021 and the latest banner is stored at Fleet House.

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