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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Hertfordshire Masters No: 4090
It is highly probable that no other Lodge has had or will have a more enthusiastic beginning than No. 4090. With forty Lodges in existence in the Province at the time, the Provincial Grand Master, Rt. Hon Sir Frederick Halsey, Deputy Grand Master, was installed by the Pro Grand Master, Lord Ampthill as the first Master at the consecration assembly on 17th May 1920. Three hundred and eighty Brethren were present and two hundred and ninety two founders are recorded. Today its membership has grown to over six hundred and fifty.
Obviously such a flourishing Lodge was inspired by the untiring energy and outstanding devotion of Sir Frederick Halsey, together with a great number of highly distinguished brethren in the province. All Past Masters in Hertfordshire are eligible to join the Lodge. The large, but simple banner depicts a reclining Hart in water over a past masters collar badge.  It was dedicated on the 26th April 1991.
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