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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Hertfordshire Provincial Grand Stewards Lodge No: 8984

This lodge was consecrated on 23rd March, 1981. It goes without saying that qualification for membership is as follows: "All Provincial Grand Stewards of Hertfordshire (Present or Past), Grand Stewards and Members of Provincial Grand Stewards' Lodges of other Provinces who are members of a Hertfordshire Lodge are eligible for membership of the Hertfordshire Provincial Grand Stewards' Lodge". Membership of the Lodge is automatically offered to all the new provincial stewards appointed each year and the Lodge is called on whenever there is work to be done in the Province.  Provincial Stewards are therefore to be seen, in their traditional red aprons, working at the annual Provincial meeting and other events held during the year.  The red banner has the badge of a Steward in the centre, a cornucopia surmounted by a pair of compasses. A design for the banner was produced by Bro Colin Childs and the banner was dedicated 31st October 1994.

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