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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Kings Weir Lodge No: 9005

The 'Kings Weir' name derives from a local dam, reputedly built by King Alfred of Wessex to trap the invading Danes upstream in AD 896 (remains of Viking ships have actually been found in the area). Thus depicted on the banner is a royal personage, suitably crowned, near a fall of water together with ears of corn. The Latin motto, 'Optima Perquirimus Imprimus' means, literally, 'Of only the best (manly) quality', and was incorporated into the badge and summons by the artistic son of a founder. 


The banner was donated by W.Bro. E F Humphrey, a founder, and made by his mother, Mrs. Patricia Humphrey.  The original canvas was painted by the Royal School of Needlework following which Mrs Humphrey spent 470 hours of skill, hand stitching 466,560 individual stitches. 

In addition to the usual items such as working tools, all-seeing-eye, etc., there are shown Nelson’s Column, a Cannon and an Anchor.  The reason being that the Lodge has been traced back to Nelson Lodge No: 700 meeting at the Gun Tavern, Woolwich and Capper Lodge No. 1076 (formed from watermen in the Port of London) as well as the Royal Artillery Lodge No. 258. and linked with Walnut Tree House which belonged to one of Nelson’s captains. 

The Lodge was erased on 8th December 2021.



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