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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Herutforda Lodge of Sincerity No: 7632

A number of prominent Freemasons residing in Hertfordshire, acknowledging a restricted membership of several Lodges (regimental, schools, non-joining etc), decided to form a Hertfordshire Lodge providing membership for Freemasons of London and other Provinces. The lodge took its name from the oldest known name of the county town Hertford which was Herutforda. The sincerity of the founding members is denoted by the circumscribing perfect circle which demonstrates their common bonds, their identical obligations and the Universal Wisdom freely available to all who seek it, and of course within the lodge name.

It is furthermore a reminder of these qualities of Discretion, Integrity, Sacrifice, Constancy, Equanimity, Moderation, Obedience, Respect, and Intelligence. The main theme of the central badge is a modification of the crest of the Borough of Hertford, which depicts a hart and a river. Here, this serves to represent that fundamental of Masonic doctrine, the journey of man across the Great Divide, the River of Destiny, assisted by the Three Great Lights. 

Only one eye of the hart is displayed, in allusion to the All-Seeing Eye, a reminder of that Light which lighteth every man that cometh into the world, at once the Overseer and Guide of all work, and the spirit which vivifies all created nature. “The Light of the body is the eye: therefore, when thine eye is evil thy body also is full of darkness. Take heed therefore, that the light which is in thee be not darkness.”

The Consecrating Officer, on 30th June 1959, was The RW Bro The Rev. Dr. Joseph Moffett, Provincial Grand Master. The Sponsoring Lodge was the East Hertfordshire Lodge No. 3748. 


The first banner was dedicated 27th June 1980, and a second banner was dedicated at the 50th anniversary on 30th June 2009.  The ceremony included the retirement of the old banner but its whereabouts are now unknown.  The centre of the banner shows the head and antlers only of the Hertfordshire hart below the three great lights of masonry, an open VSL the Square and Compasses.  The motto ‘Disce Mori’ translates as ‘Learn to Die’.

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