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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Brookmans Park Lodge No: 7655

The lodge was consecrated on 29th October, 1951.


The banner was dedicated on 3rd April 1971. The provincial archive has produced the following description but the whereabouts of the banner is unknown and we have to assume there is no photograph available.


The house represented in the centre of the banner is that of the Gaussen family believed to be the first in the Brookmans Park district. The folly arch is a local landmark of no special significance. At the head of the crest are two corn sheaves in a green field representative of the agricultural importance of the area. At its base blue and silver wavy lines represent the rivers and lakes of Hertfordshire. On the border are eight Tudor Roses recalling the association of Henry VIII with Hatfield House. A golden Hart on a green mound is in the centre with mantling of oak leaves and acorns that are reminders that Queen Elizabeth I was supposed to have heard of her succession under an oak tree at Hatfield House.


The lodge is now closed. 


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