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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

James Terry Lodge No: 2372
Other than W Bro James Terry, the first master of the lodge, the thirteen founder members were local masons from the Cheshunt area; the majority being members of King Harold Lodge No. 1327, the sponsoring Lodge. W. Bro Terry, PGSB, the Provincial Grand Director of Ceromonies, was invited to become the first master of the lodge to be named after him, as a tribute to his work for freemasonry in Hertfordshire and throughout England. The lodge was consecrated on 29th September, 1890. At the centenary meeting in September 1990, the lodge was privileged to have RW Bro James A Terry PGW in attendance as its special guest, who followed in the footsteps of his Grandfather and Father (W. Bro James E Terry), particularly as regards their considerable work for the Royal Masonic Boys Institution. The lodge crest on both the original and new Banners is believed to be the Terry family crest with the motto "Probo et fidele et fido", which can be translated as "Approved, Loyal and Faithful".

The details of the original banner of the Lodge appear to have been lost in the passage of time, but in 1968 it was recorded that this banner had suffered ‘from the destroying hand of time’ which had caused it to deteriorate beyond repair; it was presumably disposed of. A replacement banner was presented to the lodge by W.Bro Stafford in memory of his late father and was dedicated by RW Bro Col Alexander Woods , PGM at a meeting in December 1968.  A silk miniature of the current lodge banner is held within the lodge archives.  

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