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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Broxbourne Lodge No: 2353

Broxbourne Lodge, is a daughter of Dacre Lodge No. 2086, and was consecrated at the Crown Hotel, Broxbourne on 22nd April 1890, and celebrated its centenary on 28th April 1990 at Southgate masonic centre. The first Master was W Bro Ebenezer Charles Mulvey, who subsequently served as Secretary for thirty three years. Of the twelve founders, one, W Bro H. Monson, a surveyor, survived to attend the Jubilee meeting of the Lodge on the 27th April 1940 at the Cafe Monica in London.  


The original banner was purchased in 1896 at an agreed cost not exceeding ten pounds.  The whereabouts of this banner is unknown but a new banner was purchased in 1954 as part of a legacy from Bro. Floyd. A brass plate is affixed to the banner recording the bequest.  During 1985 the banner was refurbished by W.Bro. Ron Box. 

So far neither the lodge history nor the Internet has provided confirmation of the origin of the coat of arms on the banner, allthough it bears some resemblance to the coat of arms of the Borough of Broxbourne. The historian at the local museum was unable to identify. The only suggestion made twice to date is that the coat of arms has a connection with the Crown Inn where the Lodge first met. But this has yet to be confirmed.

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