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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Jubilee and Ionic Lodge No: 9475

The Ceremony of Amalgamation for Jubilee Lodge No: 6983 and Ionic lodge No: 9475 was performed by RW Bro Colin Harris, Provincial Grand Master on Wednesday 7th March 2012.


The Ionic Lodge No 6983 was originally consecrated 27th June 1950 after a meeting held on 19th October 1949 to form a daughter Lodge of the Halsey Hall Lodge No. 4752. Minutes of that meeting records two names suggested for consideration; they were Ionian and Zidonian. No later reference was made to the latter name, and the lodge was consecrated at Freemasons' Hall, Great Queen Street as the Ionic Lodge. The Crest shows an Ionic Pillar and bears the Latin inscription 'In Omnibus Caritas'. The Jubilee Lodge No 9475, was consecrated 17th November 1992 following a meeting held in April 1991 by a few Masonic friends to discuss the feasibility of forming a new Lodge.


The original members of Jubilee Lodge were from various lodges and provinces who met, and became friends when visiting each other. Although widely spread over five provinces, and London, many were within a reasonable distance of each other and were interested in founding a lodge to which they could all belong. In April 1992 the Provincial Grand Master gave his consent to a new lodge, Jubilee, being formed. The name Jubilee Lodge was chosen because of the 275th Anniversary of English Freemasonry and the celebration being held at that time. The lodge was the first Lodge consecrated by RW Bro Michael B Jones after his becoming the Provincial Grand Master of Hertfordshire, the consecration date being 17th Noivember 1992.


Whilst the Jubilee Lodge never had a banner the Ionic Lodge No: 6983 did have one. (Click underlined link to view). The conjoined lodge following amalgamation decided not to have a Banner.  


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