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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Lea Valley Lodge No: 4827
The lodge was consecrated on 29th May, 1926. The banner depicts the river Lea flowing under a spanning bridge near Dobbs Weir as between the first and second world wars the brethren spent much time entertaining their friends in bungalows situated at “Dobbs Weir”, Hoddesdon. The Latin inscription on the crest, “Constantia inter Mutationes” is translated as “Constancy amid change” although the founders translated it as “Endurance against stress”. 
The banner was presented by a brother who requested anonymity at the time on 27th May 1933, but nearly 25 years later allowed his name to be revealed as W.Bro WRI Dandy, when the ceremony of dedication took place on 12th April 1958.

The lodge is now closed and the banner stored at Fleet House.
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