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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Lyonsdown Lodge No: 5477
Lyonsdown Lodge was consecrated by RW Bro Admiral Sir Lionel Halsey, Provincial Grand Master. Lyonsdown was the 61st on the roll of the Province of Hertfordshire and was sponsored by Gladsmuir Lodge No. 1385, which was warranted in 1871. The original Members resided in the residential part of New Barnet named Lyonsdown, and chose as the design for their Crest two lions lying down, and emblematical of "Strength United with Peace". The lodge was consecrated on 27th September, 1934 where the consecrating officers were presented with ebony walking sticks.
The banner was dedicated 3rd November 1984 at the 50th Jubilee Meeting. This lodge closed after celebrating its 75th anniversary and the banner is now stored at Fleet House.
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