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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Chipping Barnet Lodge No: 5599
The founders were personal friends living in Barnet who, being exceedingly zealous masons, sought the opportunity of attaining office in a much shorter space of time than was possible in their respective mother lodges. The first Chaplain of the Lodge was W. Bro P Cecil Dean PPG Chap (West Lancs), Rector of Barnet. The meetings of the lodge have always been held on a Thursday, this being early closing day in Barnet. At the consecration meeting, on 24th February 1936, all the brethren present wore black rosettes as the craft was in official mourning following the death of His Majesty King George V. 
The banner was dedicated 19th September 1985. The badge of the lodge is based on the coat of arms of the town of Barnet which is superimposed on a five-pointed star. The axes and roses represent the Battle of Barnet which was in 1471, the building is the old Queen Elizabeth School of 1573 and the Hart of Hertfordshire has been added at the top.
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