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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Prae Wood Lodge No: 8919

The founders were made up of London and other Provincial members, who, encouraged by W. Bro Graham Russell, the first worshipful master, created their own lodge in St. Albans. The lodge was consecrated on 18th February 1980.


The design of the banner incorporates a representation of a warrior of the Belgae tribe of refugees from Belgium who settled in Prae Wood about 43 BC. The shield is a copy of one found in the river Thames at Battersea.  The Belgae were believed to have introduced the methods of working in bronze, producing weapons, tools and art objects. The motto ‘Festina Lente’ literally means ‘Make Haste Slowly’ but is also thought to imply ‘Be Prudent’. The banner was made by Mrs Betty Goss, wife of Bro.Bill Goss and her friend Miss Lorna Harris.  The cost was met by an anonymous member and the banner was dedicated on 22nd March 1982.

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