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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Waytemore Castle Lodge No: 8920

The idea of a new lodge was conceived following an observation by RW Bro Guy Halsey, Provincial Grand Master in 1978 that it was more than ninety years since the last lodge in Bishop's Stortford was consecrated. The name was derived from an original Saxon Castle known as Wiging-a-mere or Waytemore, which was erected between 1150 and 1185 by Edward the Elder, thereafter passing to Edith the Fair, wife of King Harold, who, after his death, sold it to the Bishop of London. The castle grounds are in the centre of Bishop's Stortford, but only the ruins and a mouind remain to indicate the site. It was here that during the 18th century, alms were distributed to the poor folk of the town.


The lodge was consecrated on 18th April 1980 and the banner depicts an historical view of the castle entrance, researched from a number of ancient prints. Under the castle is a large square and compasses.  The banner was designed by Bro.J Messenger and Bro. D.Keen and made by Bro.K Robins and was dedicated on 18th November 1988.  

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