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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Prince Hamlet Lodge No: 9864

This lodge had a rather unusual beginning as there were a number of Danish Craft Masons who had joined Royal Arch Chapters in Hertfordshire as there were none in Denmark.  The Danish brethren indicated that they would like to join a Hertfordshire Craft lodge that met on the same day as the meridian meeting of Cloisters Chapter to enable them to attend two meetings on the same day. Unfortunately no suitable lodge could be found to tie-in with the Royal Arch meetings. The Provincial Grand Master, RW Bro Colin Harris, stated that if 25 Founders could be located he would agree to a new lodge. In the end there were 36 founders.  It does not currently have a banner.


The name of the new lodge. Prince Hamlet, was suggested as being most appropriate and the lodge was consecrated on 25th March 2011.

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