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Banners of The Holy Royal Arch Chapters

in Hertfordshire

Priory Chapter No: 5152

The chapter was consecrated on 9th May, 1949.


It is thought that the priory shown in the centre of the banner is not of a particular building.  It does not bear any relation to that shown on the Craft banner.


The banner was dedicated in May 2009 and was designed by Comp Philip Hoy with the Royal Arch triangular border and the width of the banner being the same as the five banners that are situated behind the principals chairs in a chapter temple. He informs us that the building in the centre was taken from the building in the middle of the Royal Arch crest. It is different to the design shown in the Priory Lodge crest but it was the one chosen by the Chapter founders and therefore appropriate to use on our banner. Whether it was based on an actual building cannot be confirmed as no founders still survive.

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