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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Priory Lodge No: 5152
The Priory Lodge was formed by Abbey Lodge No. 3341. The reason the name Priory was chosen has been lost in time, but as Abbey Lodge sponsored Priory Lodge and it was a custom when abbeys became crowded and a new house was built to house the brethren it was designated a Priory.   Later evidence in the lodge suggests that the name and illustration on the Banner is taken from the Priory at Blakenham in Suffolk illustrated on the lodge banner although why this particular priory was chosen is not recorded.

The Priory Lodge was consecrated at the Salisbury Hotel, Barnet on 8th February 1930. The formation meetings were held in Room 13, House of Commons, at the invitation of the first Master RW Bro The Rt Hon. G A Isaacs, PGW (later Minister of Labour in the Attlee cabinet). The banner was presented by W.Bro.Dr.George Salmond.  The banner states 1934 but the Lodge history states 1935.  The banner was refurbished by the Royal School of Needlework (RSN) and re-dedicated 22nd January 2005 at the 75th anniversary meeting.  It was reported by the RSN that the banner was of the highest quality. However, by 2015 the banner was again showing signs of distress so a new banner was commissioned via the Fleet House Regalia service and dedicated that year on 21st November, the old banner was mounted inside a frame, and hangs on a banner pole within Ashwell House, St Albans. A close-up of the centre portion of the banner crest is shown to display the fine detail within the embroidery.

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