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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

Shyre Lodge No: 9168

Shyre Lodge in 1985 boasted that it was the youngest Lodge with the oldest Parent in Hertfordshire, that being Hertford Lodge No. 403. It was conceived by four regular guests from three different lodges, who wanted to "meet under the same roof". The lodge was duly consecrated on 8th October 1985.


In about 1200 King John imported one hundred black Flemish Hairy-legged Stallions to breed with the English Great Horse in an attempt to improve the weight, size and carrying capacity of his horses. This was necessary to make the new horses more able to carry heavier armour protecting both the horse and the Knights who rode upon them. This event can be regarded as the foundation of the Shire Horse as we know it today. These horses subsequently carried King Richard and his crusading Knights when they nobly rode off to fight in the crusades. 

The banner crest is based on the knightly steed which down the ages has evolved into the Shire Horse that much revered animal. It was dedicated 9th October 1990. The banner is now stored at Fleet House with the Lodge having closed in September 2021 and erased by Grand Lodge on 9th March 2022,

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