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Banners of Craft Lodges in Hertfordshire (Continued)

South Hertfordshire Lodge No: 6044

The lodge was born in the period of resurgence during the time of relaxation after World War two, when many Lodges were consecrated. Initially it was mooted that the Lodge meet in Barnet, but after a suggestion from the Provincial Executive, the Founders agreed a new venue at a Brookmans Park Hotel. The furniture, in the main, was generously donated by Bro Tom Stratton. All of the founding officers presented the collars and jewels of their respective offices. The lodge was consecrated on 12th June, 1945.


At an emergency meeting held on 5th September 1957, the Principal founder of the Lodge, W. Bro H Rowland White, PGStdB, PPGW, LGR presented a very handsome banner to the lodge. This was dedicated by the RW Provincial Grand Master, Rev. Dr. Joseph Moffett, DD, PGCh. It is interesting to note that although most of the founders were from Mimmine Lodge, the sponsor was Gaddesden Lodge.

The design of the Crest is self-explanatory and refers to the county of Hertfordshire, being a Hart standing in water. 

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